Welcome to Granolachik!

Your first bite of my crunch filled creation is not just a taste, it’s the taste of fresh. My calling, to produce wholesome and fresh granola lay within my roots. My story began on a farm nestled in the Berkshire Mountains, alongside a small town that epitomized a farm-to-table culture. I grew up outdoors where everything was “fresh;” from the mountain air and the crystal waters to the linens hung on a line, and the meal ingredients gathered from the farm. Clean and simple eating helped my children thrive and solidified my commitment to all-natural, sustainable living. I perfected my recipe along with these principles. Soon, friends and neighbors began asking for my granola, we branched out to the neighborhood, and Granolachik was born. Sharing my nature-inspired granola is my passion and I’m excited to introduce it to you. We are committed to making our wholesome granola with premium ingredients, in small, hand-made batches to ensure its freshness as my personal promise to you; enjoy!

cereal parfait plain

Great uses for Granola Chik Granola are as a cereal, a topping for yogurt, ice cream or oatmeal, and just as a snack.

Less Ingredients … More Taste … Live Simply